The ACF run a national examination scheme called calisthenics skills. The set syllabus is designed to develop an individual’s calisthenic skills. Cali ACT hold calisthenics skills classes and examinations each calisthenics year in Canberra.

Participants are required to present at exams in a strict dress code. They are examined in pairs and are assessed on the syllabus work they have been taught in the classes. Each pupil receives a feedback sheet from the examiner with a mark out of 100. A mark of at least 60% is required to pass each level.

Action Calisthenics strongly support the calisthenics skills program and encourage club members to participate.

Involvement in the program greatly assists the pupil and the club resulting in greater enjoyment and extension from participation in Calisthenics.

Information on how to enrol in the program will be provided later in the year.

Below is a table of the minimum ages for each skill level, as set by ACF.

Test 1: 7 years
Test 2: 7 years
Test 3: 9 years
Grade 1: 11 years
Grade 2: 13 years (minimum acquired for Coaching accreditation)
Grade 3: 14 years
Grade 4: 15 years

Pupils can go on to do Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. For more information please visit the ACF website at: and read the examination guidelines.

All successful pupils are presented with a certificate and patch in their appropriate age group.

Action generally offer private classes each year for students wishing to participate in the skills program. Private lessons incur a private coaching fee negotiable with the coach. For more information on calisthenics skills, please speak to your team manager.