Competition Rules


On competition days please provide participants with healthy snacks and drinks. Wear your bodysuit or underwear under your Action uniform.

No jewellery is allowed on stage, please remove your earrings or cover with a flesh-coloured bandaid.

Please remove all nail polish.

Each competition involves an average four to six hour commitment; with hair and make up to be done prior to the competition, and on occasions, the day/evening before. Local competitions are held on weekends at Erindale College Theatre.

Please be prompt when arriving to have your hair and or make up done.


Parents and siblings are not allowed in the dressing rooms before, during or after the competition. We love the support family and friends give and will look forward to hearing all the cheers from the audience. During the break, time permitting, the teams will be brought out to see family. Taking of photographs or videos during competition is not permitted. Photo opportunities (time permitting) will exist in between items. Coaches or Team Managers will bring teams to the foyer for the infamous team poses.


Competitions are a major activity in the sport of callisthenics. To enable the competitions to be conducted effectively and smoothly for the benefit of the competitors and audience alike, it is necessary to have in place various rules. Outlined below is a list of theatre rules and etiquette which apply to all callisthenic competitions held in the ACT.

We ask that you familiarise yourself with the rules before each competition. Observance of these rules will ensure that everyone can enjoy the competitors’ performances without any unnecessary delay or disturbance. Penalties will be enforced if necessary. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

  1. NO VIDEOING OR PHOTOGRAPH IN THE THEATRE WHILE THE COMPETITIONS ARE IN PROGRESS. It is a theatre rule that no videoing or photography of live performances is allowed. This is also a Cali ACT competition rule. All clubs pay copyright costs to allow their coaches to use music with their choreography. Cali ACT pays copyright to allow the use of music at live performances, ie competitions, concerts, displays etc. A coach’s choreography is also covered by copyright. Videoing and photography can be done at club concerts where the club’s coaches and committee have given permission for this to occur. If any person is found videoing or taking photos during a competition, they will be asked to leave the theatre. As this is a breach of competition rules, a penalty could be applied to the club whose member did not observe this rule, ie a 10 point deduction from the competitor’s score.
  2. ALL MOBILE PHONE, PAGERS AND BEEPERS ARE TO BE TURNED OFF IN THE THEATRE. Please turn these devices off before you enter the theatre. It is very disconcerting to competitor/s on stage for their performance to be disturbed by these devices resounding through the theatre. The owner/ user of ant such devices being operated during performances will be asked to leave the theatre.
  3. APPLAUSE AT THE AND OF AN ITEM. Appreciation of all competitors at the conclusion of an item is greatly encouraged. However please wait until the competitor/s have all left the stage or the curtain is lowered before applauding. Competitors are still working and being judged until the stage is cleared.
  4. RESPECT FOR A PERFORMER. All competitors work hard to achieve their best. Some competitors are more experienced than others. Members of the audience who show disrespect to competitors will be asked to leave the theatre for the remainder of that competition. REMEMBER: All comments, laughter etc from the audience can be clearly heard on stage due to the acoustics of the theatre.
  5. THE AREA BEHIND THE ADJUDICATOR, ON THE WALKWAY, MUST BE LEFT CLEAR AT ALL TIMES. Members of the audience and competitors are not permitted to stand behind the adjudicator during competitions nor while she is finishing the crit sheets.
  6. COMMUNICATION WITH THE ADJUDICATORS either by competitors, coaches or other interested parties during competitions is prohibited, and a team/ competitor may be disqualified for any breach of this rule. The adjudicator’s decision is FINAL, and no correspondence or verbal query will be entered into regarding any placings. No person should make enquiries to the writer in respect of any placings or the adjudicator’s decision- making process.
  7. THE ENTRY DOOR TO THE THEATRE IS ON THE LEFT AND THE EXIT DOOR IS ON THE RIGHT. The correct use of entry and exit doors allows for the smooth flow of traffic in and out of the theatre and avoids congestion at one door. If people attempt to use the incorrect door they will not be permitted to do so and will be directed to use the appropriate door. The doors at the stage level are NOT to be used.
  8. THERE ARE SIX EMERGENCY EXITS IN THE THEATRE. The exit closest to you is to be used in the case of an emergency.
  9. THE DOORS WILL BE CLOSED AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF AN ITEM. People will not be allowed access to the theatre once an item has commenced. Please do not attempt to open the doors once they are closed.
  10. NO FOOD OR DRINK IS TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE THEATRE. Anyone seen with any of these items in the theatre will be asked to leave. If due to non-observance of this rule a cleaning cost is incurred by Cali ACT, this cost will be billed to all clubs.
  11. NO FEET ON SEATS. Any person found resting their feet or legs on the theatre seats will be asked to leave the theatre.
  12. SEATS ARE NOT TO BE CLIMBED ON FOR MOVEMENT BETWEEN ROWS. Any person found to be moving between rows by climbing over seats, will be asked to leave the theatre. This action causes damage to the seats in the theatre and Cali ACT could incur a cost for repairing these seats. Such an expense will be distributed between all clubs.
  13. NO SITTING IN THE AISLES. This is an ACT Fire Brigade regulation. Please make sure that all available seats are used – if this means moving along to fill up gaps then please do so. Competitions cannot proceed if members of the audience are sitting in the aisles. If the theatre is full then parents are asked to nurse their toddlers.
  14. THE FRONT TWO ROWS OF THE THEATRE ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY. Children are not permitted in the front two rows as they can be a distraction to the competitor/s on stage. People sitting in either of these rows are clearly visible to the competitor/s on stage and can easily disrupt the competitor/s concentration.
  15. ALL CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT COMPETITORS MUST BE SEATED WITH AN ADULT WHILE IN THE THEATRE. Unsupervised children in the theatre can easily cause distractions to the competitor/s on stage. If your child is distressed at any time during the competitions, please take the child out of the theatre as quickly as possible to minimise any distractions. You will be permitted to use either the entry or exit door in this instance.
  16. NO COMPETITOR IS ALLOWED IN THE FRONT HALF OF THE THEATRE. All competitors must sit in the back half of the theatre to avoid any distraction to competitor/s on stage. A member of the respective team management must also accompany them.
  17. COMPETITOR/S WEARING LEG TAN MUST HAVE LEGS COVERED IN THE THEATRE. Any competitor who has leg-tanned legs must wear pants or similar covering whilst in the theatre to avoid marking the seats.
  18. NO APPARATUS (RODS OR CLUBS) ARE PERMITTED IN THE AUDITORIUM. All apparatus must be left in the dressing rooms.
  19. NO SMOKING IN THE THEATRE COMPLEX. This is an ACT Government regulation and anyone found smoking will be asked to leave the complex.