Frequently Asked Questions

Is Calisthenics a year-long commitment?

As Calisthenics is a team sport every participant of the team is important. Items have a minimum of eight in a team. This is a competition requirement and any less than that will result in penalty points.

Calisthenics is different to other sports where a participant can be substituted for another player if they are away for a game or competition. In a calisthenic team each participant learns the routine from a specific position on the stage and each team often learns different routines, it is difficult to swap participants around at the last moment.

It is important for parents and participants to understand the role each team member has in their team and if a team is missing someone at a competition then the whole team is affected and penalised.

To avoid any problems, it is imperative that both Team Managers and Coaches be advised as soon as possible if a participant will be absent for a competition. This will help ensure that any team selections are made early enough so that team members will not be disadvantaged.

How much parental involvement is required?

As a non-profit organisation, Action understandably relies heavily on parental volunteers. Parents are asked to help at competitions. fundraising events and other club activities held throughout the year.

In addition, at various times throughout the year each family is required to assist with costuming or stage dressing, for example, sewing, sequining, decorating, transporting or constructing stage props.

What should be brought to competitions?

For competitions each participant will need to bring the following:

  • Clubs and rod
  • 2 Hair nets to match hair colour (not bun nets).
  • Bun pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair gel
  • Hair spray
  • Brush and comb
  • Strong hair elastic to match hair colour
  • Foundation and sponge
  • Brush kit
  • Action uniform
  • Body suit or flesh colour underpants (to be worn)
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks and lunch as suggested by Team Manager