Action Calisthenics



The Calisthenics Year

At Action the calisthenics season officially begins at the commencement of ACT Public School Term One, however Action’s coaches also offer a flex and strength program for anyone interested in January of each year.


Club classes continue through to the end of October/early November each year. School holidays are observed, but classes are still offered one out of the two weeks and you will be advised of these dates at the beginning of the year.


Calisthenics is a competitive sport and each year Action enters three local competitions. In addition Sub Juniors through to Intermediates may travel to compete in interstate competitions.


Participation at competitions is vital to the success of each individual team, and so participants and families are asked to commit to each competition at the outset of each year. Where a commitment cannot be given this will impact upon the participant’s placement within a team.


Local competitions are held in June, July/August, and September. Each competition involves a four to six hour commitment, with hair and make up completed prior to the competition commencing, and on occasions, the day before. Local competitions are held on weekends at Erindale College Theatre.


Parents and members will be notified of specific competition dates and times as soon as they are known by Action. If a date presents a problem, team managers and coaches need to be notified as soon as possible.


At Action, participants are encouraged to take part in the calisthenics skills program which is offered by Calisthenics ACT each year. For more information please refer to our Development page. It is recommended that participants complete at least 12 months of calisthenics before commencing the calisthenics skills program.

Juniors Group

Calisthenics Items

Calisthenics is an artistic sport, unique to Australia. Children of all ages thrive on the variety and challenges offered in the many facets of calisthenics, a combination of controlled exercises and gymnastics, marching, singing, simplified ballet, folk and modern dance. All items are costumed, choreographed, set to music and presented by our teams on stage at competitions in the ACT, interstate and at our club concert.


The calisthenic core items that are taught every year are:

Figure March

Develops rhythm, core stability, extension and deportment of the body. It involves a team executing intricate patterns on the stage.


Free Exercise

Displays team strength and flexibility. It is a series of movements involving flexibility, strength, control and uniformity performed with no apparatus.



Similar to Free Exercise but is performed with a long rod. Participants twist, manipulate, and flash the rod to develop the shoulder, arm and wrist, whilst incorporating leg and dance work.

Club Swinging

Involves the swinging of wooden clubs in unison with rhythm and uniformity. Clubs are often swung in different directions and doing different movements. (Not performed by Tinies).






A ballet influenced discipline and is performed with a long flowing skirt. The team interprets the music through graceful, flowing body movements and includes facial expression.





Fancy Items

The remaining disciplines are Folk/Character Dance, Song and Dance, Song with Actions, Rhythmical Aesthetics, Calisthenic Revue, and Dance Rods. These are  usually highly costumed, theme based and favoured by all participants. Not all of these items are performed every year or by every age group.

Action History

Action Calisthenics Inc was started and introduced to the ACT calisthenics community in the summer holidays of 1995/96. Action’s first classes commenced in February 1996. Providing a fresh new club, Action’s vision was to introduce a young, but enthusiastic coaching team to the local Belconnen and Gungahlin areas. Since that time, Action has thrived in its successes both in the ACT and interstate.


Action Calisthenics presents an experienced coaching staff all of whom have gained national coaching accreditation to Level One. Many of our coaches have been long standing participants and members of the club and are now proud life members.


Our committee comprises of dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly to operate the club with integrity and professionalism. Our volunteers often wear many hats and have been involved in the club for a large number of years. To date, our club has had nine presidents, one of whom has been honoured to serve 7 years of the 28 years in operation.


Action Calisthenics continues to grow through concentrated effort to recruit and retain a strong participant base. We encourage fun and fitness, strong club spirit, community and unity.

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