Action Calisthenics Registration Form

We are looking forward to you joining us for a fabulous year of Calisthenics!

Action supports participants to achieve goals, participate in activities and become an active and dedicated member of the club. To help you achieve these goals it is necessary that you are clear about the commitment we ask you to make to Action.

Prior to registration, please read through the Class Information, Theatre and Competition Rules, Code of Conduct and Fee Information pages.

If you have not tried calisthenics before, at Action we offer two obligation free classes before you register. Call Amy (0417 650 162) or Christie (0435 881 823), or email us at for more information.

Participant Details


I understand that whilst everything is done to ensure the safety of the above named participant while attending the activities of the Club, the Club’s officers and volunteers are not responsible in any way for any accident or sickness which may occur or happen through any circumstances. Should the above named participant be injured as a direct result of training or any club endorsed activity, Action’s Insurance, through Calisthenics ACT, will be the sole avenue for any claims to be made. I understand that I must notify Action of any injury that occurs during any Action activity as soon as possible after the event.

I confirm that the information given above is accurate.