Action Calisthenics




The ACF run a national examination scheme called calisthenics skills. The set syllabus is designed to develop an individual’s calisthenic skills. Calisthenics ACT hold calisthenics skills classes and examinations in the later part of each calendar year.


Participants are required to present at exams in a strict dress code. They are examined in groups and are assessed on the syllabus work they have been taught in the classes. Each participant receives a feedback sheet from the examiner with a grading out of 100.


Action Calisthenics strongly supports the calisthenics skills program and encourages club members to participate.


Involvement in the program greatly assists the participant and the club resulting in greater enjoyment and extension from participation in calisthenics.


Information on how to enrol in the program will be provided by Action’s Skills Delegate.


Solos and Duos

Although calisthenics is predominantly a team sport, there are solo and duo competitions offered to those that wish to extend their calisthenics experience.


Many of Action’s coaches offer solo and duo training. Participation includes commitment to additional weekly solo classes and at home practice. Costs are involved and include hall hire, coaching fees, costume (hire or production) and competition entry fees. There are three competitions offered in ACT each year.


All competitors must remain actively involved in their Action team throughout the solo competition period, and participation in solos is conditional upon this commitment.


Participation during team competitions is mandatory for entry into solo competitions.


All Action solo participants are encouraged to participate in the calisthenic skills program. 


Prior to the solo competition season commencing each year, Action holds a solo concert as a dress rehearsal for all our interested participants. The concert is held in March each year.


If you or your child is interested in participating in solos, please approach a coach or our Head Coach for advice.


Soloists have the option of participating in the following items:

Calisthenic Solo

Calisthenic Solo is a combination of strong movements involving high levels of flexibility, extension of movement, control and uniformity of rhythm, testing an individual’s natural grace and dance stamina, flexibility and timing. It is optional for competitors to use props or apparatus.

Graceful Solo

Graceful Solo demonstrates an individual’s ability to interpret music through graceful flowing movements, feeling and softness demonstrated through body movements and facial expressions. Graceful items are dance orientated, but also demonstrate extension, strength and flexibility.

Calisthenic Duo

Similar to the Calisthenic Solo, two competitors perform together interpreting a theme and often characters. Performers must interact and relate to one another. Often these routines are comical and very enjoyable for the performers and audience.


Representative Teams

The ACF holds a national calisthenics competition each year. This is considered the pinnacle of calisthenics and the ACT endeavours to send teams and soloists of each age group to this event.


Each registered ACT participant is offered a chance to trial for the ACT Representative Team. Selections typically take place in October and commence training there after. Nationals generally rotate between the states.